Comic Book Ads



Coordinate and design a new set of advertisements for comics each month. Create a design system that can be used for various advertisement types to condense information.


  • Limited assets available
  • Unique guidelines for each licensor
  • Not overwhelming the viewer with too much information


I worked closely with the editorial and marketing team to coordinate which ads would be made each month. Each licensor has their own rules and regulations so every ad was its own unique challenge. I carefully read through licensing guides when available or researched with the editor to discover what was required. 

With ads there always needs to be a balance between enticing people and conveying all the pertinent information. Comic ads are geared toward shop owners purchasing comics for customers to buy and the customers themselves to ask their local comic shop to hold for them. This means there is often more information than the general viewer would need. I created a system for the nitty gritty information to be placed constantly on each ad. This information was big enough to read but out of the way as to not distract from the art or taglines.

I often had to create these ads before any of the comic art was complete so I only had the art on the cover to work with. In those cases I would take elements from the cover art while using the typography to lead the readers eye.