Mines all Mines


Use game mechanics and initial information provided and design a card game from the ground up. Design playing cards, box mockups, game tokens, rule books and other various assets. Work with printers to coordinate design specs.


When I started designing the game I was given the game mechanics and art that had been commissioned. I then needed to come up with a design system to bring the game to life. I went through and decided on the color system that I could continue throughout.  I designed each icon for the back of the cards and the small icons on the front that explained how this card corresponded with the game. 

Working with the printer, I was able to come up with die lines for the punch cards and also the design to be used on the gem bag and the gems themselves. 

Once the assets and game pieces are created it’s time to start working on the rule book. This book is written by the game developer and the editor. I am given a set amount of pages and dimensions from the printer.  This can be difficult because there is a lot of information to convey visually without knowing how it will fit. Keeping files organized and clean made it easier to rework as I went and redesign where needed.