I am not only a graphic designer but also an artist and an illustrator. When I am not designing I am drawing characters, working on my web comic and spreading the importance of art to others. Art for me isn’t just another job its my passion and I couldn’t live without it.

Because of this I spend time helping youth facing major life challenges learn art as a means of coping.
If I had a choice I would spend my time drawing and designing bears but I do have a wide range of skills when it comes to design.

My work includes catalog design, branding, illustration, web design and photography.
Even though working in customer service in college wasn’t glamorous, I was able to learn valuable skills that I can use in design. I am able to listen; discern, and problem solve to create designs that meet the needs of the client.

If you feel I am the right person for the job and would like to hire me, please see my contact page or download my resume below.